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CT is not ready to accept Kyle as a member of his team after his final victory over ‘The Challenge.’

Kyle Christie won last weekend Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, and he returned CT Tamburello’s group, Sapphire Cell, later. Considering that CT is not Kyle’s favorite, he was not very happy with the decision. IN THE FOLLOWING FOLLOWING of the show on Nov. 24, Sapphire Cell colleagues, Emy Alupei, attempting to reduce CT the day after Kyle’s arrival.

“Why are they coming here?” CT images. “It’s two things – either they’re coming here for protection, or they’re coming to destroy it. Anyway, I don’t like it. It smells bad.” In acknowledgment, CT adds, “Kyle is back on Sapphire. I have no idea how I feel. Kyle and I, have a hard time, to say the least. So it will be very difficult for us. ”

CT chats Emy on ‘The Challenge.’ (MTV)

Emy tells CT that she should “accept” their new partner, but CT insists she doesn’t want to. “F *** him,” CT says. “I work hard. He would sneak out and laugh like, ‘Oh, no, you can’t hate me forever.’ ”CT met Kyle in the background, and he did not want to. deal with this again – especially with a team that is very close to the final problem.

kyle christie
Kyle Christie on ‘Challenge.’ (MTV)

Needless to say, Emy is frustrated with the division of her team. “If CT and Kyle continue to quarrel, the Sapphire team will go to hell,” he admits. “We do not want this. We want the Sapphire team to succeed and be safe and secure. It will be the end of the girls and I am the only woman in my room. I don’t want to get rid of another one, buddy. “After trying to calm down the CT, he adds,” We have to trust him. He is now in our team. We cannot change anything. ”

Sapphire cell against Ruby Cell and Emerald Cell, with 12 people left in the race. The $ 1 million segment battle will continue with the Nov. 24 demonstration. Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies aired Wednesday at 8:00 pm on MTV.

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