Cruz Foam Raises $ 2.5M To Accelerate Surrounding Economic Changes

Cruz Foam, founder of biomaterial technology at Santa Cruz, has raised $ 2.5 million in seed money establishing the next generation of environmentally friendly CD solutions.

The seed rotation was led by At One Ventures with participation from the Sony Innovation Fund, Regeneration.VC, and other investors who focus more on the environment. This round brings in all the revenue that Cruz Foam earned at $ 7.2 million, which allows it to expand its operations and develop back-end technical skills. Austin Noronha, Managing Director-US, Sony Innovation Fund, spoke about the move by saying:

“Pollution by polystyrene is a serious problem – especially in our oceans. With platform technology that can empower existing production facilities and deliver a wide range of foam materials, Cruz Foam changes the paradigm by making compost-like. develop technologies to address global environmental problems such as climate change, economics, medicine, and biodiversity and we look forward to partnering with the Cruz Foam team as they bring an eco-friendly solution to industries including electronics, weapons, and sustainable materials. ”

Established in 2017, Cruz Foam seeks to empower corporate executives to carry out clean-up operations. nature by providing compostable, self-adhesive inserts, foams, and other natural ingredients. Companies that use these new materials will enjoy the same benefits as petroleum foam based on technical strength, flexibility, and safety that reduces environmental damage. Tom Chi, At One Ventures’ Founding Partner, on this issue:

“Cruz Foam is beginning to contaminate plastics – creating a volatile, globalized foam that has an economic crisis, which does not require technological reforms to return to food security.

Although more than 80,000 tons of Styrofoam were produced in the United States by 2019, only 5 tons have been recycled, according to Environmental Protection Agency. Concerned about the impact of environmental degradation on increasing waste, founders like Cruz Foam want to help rehabilitate the environment by providing environmentally friendly solutions that do not require organizations to compromise on efficient use or cost.

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