Cowboys-Raiders Thanksgiving dust-up leads to ejections, hilarious meme

The Cowboys and Raiders tried to offer knuckle sandwiches on Thanksgiving.

Turkey Day is a day of thanksgiving, fun and thanksgiving to each other, but in one Cowboys-Raiders matchup, the feeling was nowhere to be found. At the beginning of the third season, the teams entered a small scrum that arrived in Las Vegas.

After the gravy, two players were released. Cowboys defender Kelvin Joseph and Raiders defender Roderiic Teamer were thrown out for their role in the incident.

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Unfortunately, another officer appeared to have been caught in the fire. He played a little blood on her chin after helping to break the dust.

All is well, though: Although the argument was a bit awkward at Thanksgiving games, the content doesn’t care about your little vacation, and many people brought their meme A games afterwards.

It is safe to say that Teamer and Joseph will not be sending Christmas cards this year.

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