Biden signs $ 1.2tn bipartisan infrastructure bill into law

Joe Biden signed his $ 1.2tn bipartisan construction contract as a law in a major US President’s legal victory at a time when his approval was declining sharply.

At a ceremony at the White House on Monday, Biden said the introduction of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act could change the lives of Americans “for the better”.

The signing ceremony came just days after the bill – which includes about $ 550bn in new uses for roads, bridges and canals, as well as airports, airports and other repairs – was approved by the US House of Representatives.

“For a long time, we have been talking about having more and more wealth around the world. We have spoken out in support of American leadership around the world with better and safer roads, railways, ports, and airports, “Biden said in a statement. design.

“But today, we are doing. And my message to the American people is this: America is moving again. And your life will change for the better, ”he added.

The president was accompanied by two senators who were lawmakers – Democrat Kyrsten Cinema of Arizona and Republican Rob Portman of Ohio – and vice-president Kamala Harris and Democratic Congress leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as they signed the bill. .

Nineteen Republican senators and 13 members of the Republican House supported the bill, much less in Washington which was severely divided.

“I ran for president because the only way to move our country forward is tolerance and solidarity,” said Biden, a former senator before Vice President Barack Obama. “This is how our system works. That is American democracy. And I am signing a law that is really important, because we made our democracy save the people. ”

Biden on Tuesday traveled to several key countries to sell American aid money, with one eye in the middle of next year, when the reform of all Congress buildings will be necessary. Democrats are deeply concerned about their election chances after a disappointing election campaign Virginia and New Jersey earlier this month.

At the same time, Biden’s approval across the country continues to decline as more and more Americans express dissatisfaction with rising consumer prices and delays. Covid-19 plague. A Washington Post-ABC News poll published over the weekend revealed that only 41 percent of American officials had accepted Biden’s leadership. A very small percentage – 39 percent – said they endorsed the way the President does metal.

Meanwhile, in Washington, lawmakers in the Biden party this week continue to debate the second and largest Presidential protest: $ 1.75tn “Build Back Better” which could lead to increased funding for childhood education, public health care and solutions. . coping with climate change. The package, which has been criticized by Republicans, has been going on for months with tensions between the elite and the elite within the Democratic Party.

A few Democrats in the House are refusing support for the bill until an independent review by the DRM Budget office. The CBO said Monday that it expects to publish its statistics by the end of the working week.

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