Biden Just took Republicans with big fat in a big way

Speaking at the White House, President Biden also noted that climate change was not the cause of rising oil prices.

Video of President Biden:

President Biden said:

I also want to speak briefly one myth about incense prices. No reason natural methods. My efforts against the weather change does not raise the price of gas. We are adding his available. What they do, is increasing job availability. Work, building electric cars like the one I drove at GM factory in Detroit last week.

For hundreds of thousands of the people who brought one of the those electric cars, are saving $ 800- $ 1000 inside oil price this year. We’ll put it income that can be earned more Americans and job creators installing solar panels, batteries, and electric heating pumps, clean-up operations power tools. And, by the way, send this technologies for every home, where they are laid, is to save the people a hundreds of dollars in strong money each year. Let’s do that. Let’s deal with climate change more new is opportunity. We can make our wealth with a few insecure consumers these types of expensive.

Climate Change Reducing Gas Prices

The Presidential system is smart. The way to make America less dependent on Big Oil is to reduce its use of fats based on alternative oil methods.

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The United States does not really have oil exports. The oil is owned by the oil industry, so it would be wrong to say that the United States is “dependent on foreign oil,” since the term indicates that there is still oil in the United States that could remain.

No oil will remain in the United States unless the US government adopts production strategies, indicating that Republicans want a socialist government to take over US oil companies.

Competition is good. Republicans and Big Oil are trying to keep competition out of the electricity market, which is why they are lying about climate change that is driving up gas prices.

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