Biased Corporate Media Introduces Biden Bad News

When good financial news comes out, the media ignores it but only looks at any flaws they may find.

Eric Boehlert tweeted the differences between what journalists publish job numbers against rising prices:

Business journalists have responded to any negative news by justifying their biased propaganda by rushing to find Trump supporters who pretend to be non-racial Americans who can help them push for negligence.

It is an echo room that is committed to delivering aggressive messages and divisions.

Democrats Can’t Depend on Company Media to Spread Their Message

Unlike Republicans, the Democratic Party refuses to support and invest in publications that its constituents read. Republicans make sure that their publications are well supported and able to share the message with others. Democrats complain that they do not have their own publications but ignore the places that people who can help them read.

Democrats never learn. Corporate media has been harassed by Republicans for years, so they fear repercussions. There are a few others like MSNBC and Jim Acosta of CNN, but the stores that were once thought to be politically neutral were more interested in making a profit than in reality, so they play divisions and disunity.

Support publications that tell you what video companies cannot do.

Submit to PoliticusUSA:

The media’s reluctance to publish good news or why rising prices have risen. Depreciation is a problem that is far more serious than the marketing process. It’s a serious problem that comes back Trump’s trade war, COVID, and consumer demand, as well as a few other things.

The media industry uses its power to limit independent media while presenting biased stories that benefit Republicans.

Until the Democrats struggle with this, their message will not come out, and President Biden will not be heard in many newspapers.

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