AZ State Attorney Shawnna Bolick has asked Arizona’s Attorney General to Investigate the Presidential and Men’s Presentations

Mark Greenburg

The president of the Arizona School Board and his distraught father Mark Greenburg have been tracking down concerned parents who attend school meetings. Then the couple sends their secrets to the shared Google drive.

Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father, Mark, were arrested by their parents after they sent an unsolicited email revealing a Google drive URL. Greenburg email is clearly displayed in one of the tabs.

Unsolicited Photos Sent to Parents

Jann-Michael Greenburg also lives at home with her parents. He may well have known that.

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Another question to consider is why is the 28-year-old childless child still living at home President of the Board?

The Gateway Pundit reported that the father of Mark Alan Greenburg, wished that one of the victims had died in a photograph from a body camera he had used to evade local parents. He said he was going to have a party.

“I really want Edmond DEATH. I’ll Be Very Happy, I’ll Have a Ph * cking Party. ” – School Board Member’s Deranged Father Beats Parents And Wants The Dead

These dangerous political spies have been going on for over a year.

Photo of Greenburg Dossier – File: “PAULA STURGEON AND ANGELOS AND DIGRAZIA”

Images taken from Google drive, which parents named Greenburg Dossier, showcases images and harassment online from May 2020.

Photo taken from Greenburg Dossier

Arizona State Attorney Shawnna Bolick has summoned Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate the horrific and emotional behavior of Scottsdale Unified School District District officials and their relative.

Today, I sent a letter to @GeneralBrnovich do what is right and open up research @ScottsdaleUSD Greenburg et al. Parents should not be afraid, or be afraid 4 to appear at the district school bd meeting. Parents have a right to supervise their children’s education.

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