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It’s a pop diva show down! Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande are battling it out on NBC’s latest show ‘That’s My Jam,’ the signing of pop medley. Check out the photo here!

Pop divas pass mic-to-mic! Ariana Grande, 28 and Kelly Clarkson, 39, rested on their coaching staff The Word and showcased their singing skills during the singing battle at the new NBC show That’s My Jam. Mu a new show video, from which it comes Show Tonight recipient Jimmy Fallon, pop artists taking part in the “Mixtape Medley,” singing a variety of songs such as Britney Spears” Oops I have done it again, ” CherBy “Believe,” Shania Twain‘Everybody’s Myself,’ and so on. Also in the clip are Kelly and Ariana The Word friends, Blake Shelton and John Legend, cheering the mothers on as they tie the knot.

The new series is a full-time demonstration that draws inspiration from some of the Show Tonightthe most popular game. Pa list ‘page, the show has been described as “a two-way street for two celebrities who are vying for the charity they can choose from a variety of musical, dance, and musical instruments.” Considering sometimes Jimmy’s well-known shows on his nightly program, celebrities will take part in shows such as Launch the Mic, Beat the Beat, Wheel of Impossible Karaoke, and more.

Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande on ‘The Voice’ (Trae Patton / NBC).

NBC and Jimmy may have done very well with this new concept, considering the current viral strains of the virus. Show Tonight made with the same ideas. Ariana herself made the waves in 2015 with a show “Wheel of Musical Impressions, ”Imitating large stars such as Christina Aguilera singing “Wheels on a Bus,” and so on. The film has garnered more than 1.5 million views on YouTube, and some moments similar to Jimmy’s show also received similar praise, with millions viewing from doting fans. We’re excited to see what celebrities will show up and show off at the new show!

A sneak peek of That’s My Jam appears Monday, Nov. 29 on NBC.

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