Apple Music arrives on LG smartphones

You can now log into your Apple Music account on LG smartphones even if you do not have an Apple TV. Music streaming is now available on all webOS 4.0 TVs and beyond, a year after it first appeared on TV platforms. and Samsung. Since webOS 4.0 was just released in 2018, the Apple Music app is likely to be available in new versions as well.

If your TV is capable of running Apple Music, you will experience the same appearance and motion as you would if you were using an Apple TV. Also similar to Apple Music features on iPads, iPhones, Android devices and PCs. The LG service app can access all of its music, playlists, 4K music videos and even Apple Music radio. It supports the movement of the words with the change of time, as well as, that you can sing by reading the lines on the main screen.

The release of the app on LG Smart TVs remains in line with Apple’s approach to closely monitor its services and make them available on non-Apple devices. In this way, the tech giant can reach out to many of its unmarried customers with Apple devices and be able to make its services as competitive as Spotify and Netflix.

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