An in-depth chart of Saints RB: Tony Jones Jr., Dwayne Washington leading New Orleans backfield on Thanksgiving

The Saints relied heavily on their athleticism in their transition to the Drew Brees era in 2021.

New Orleans have run the ball 46.5 percent this season. That’s good for the sixth highest score in the NFL. The group is relying on Alvin Kamara and, in recent weeks, Mark Ingram to carry the goods and cause his mistakes.

But on Thanksgiving Day, the Saints will have to look elsewhere to get back into production.

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Both Kamara and Ingram suffer from knee pain and will not play in the team’s 12-week campaign against the Bill. This will force them to take a closer look at their in-depth chart to find the best backs that can take the pressure off quarterback Trevor Siemian.

Who might be the runners? Here’s a look at those at the top of the Saints’ deep back chart ahead of their Thursday night rivalry with Buffalo.

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In-depth chart of Saints RB

The saints have knowledge of the flight even though Kamara and Ingram are not present. The remaining four of them have a combined 586 career that the NFL carries, but the way the team is expected to be No. 1 has too few in this category.

1. Tony Jones Jr.

Jones is expected to be the leader to drive the Saints out of the race. He is a second-year player who was not signed at Notre Dame in 2020 and spent his first season on the Saints trial team.

Jones, 24, won the 53-man squad in 2021 and started the season as a replacement for the saints after the release of Latavius ​​Murray. However, Jones was injured in the hole in Week 4 and was placed on IR. He was released on Week 11 and has continued to reserve reservations, as Kamara did nothing.

So far this season, Jones has recorded 11.2 photos in the games he has played. He will see more than this as the first to come back against the Bills. Jones has 22 carriers for 79 yards this season and has hit four times in 10 yards.

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2. Dwayne Washington

Washington, 27, has made a name for himself as his special team since being selected by the Lions in 2016.

Washington has had Saints since 2018 and has been around 5.2 yards on carry over the four seasons. True, he is only trying 47 fast, but he has proved he can do well in the middle of the fight.

The Saints could use Washington as a powerhouse behind the moving Jones. Washington (6-1) is bigger than Jones (5-11) although he weighs equally; Washington weighs 223 pounds while Jones weighs 224.

However, since Jones has never done all the work at NFL level, it would be reasonable for the Saints to include Washington in short-term events and goals. Washington is also a healthy long-time runner-up in the Saints ’team, so his experience gives him a chance at a recovery mission.

3. Ty Montgomery

Yes, Ty Montgomery is a professional recipient. However, he has been playing backwards at times in his career. He had to change position in his second season with the Packers in 2016, when he suffered multiple injuries to the position and needed someone to replace him. Montgomery rode up and became a good player.

Montgomery rose between the two ranks in his career but played the most Holy recipients. He has been on the back line only 18 times this season but has done a lot against the Bill. He calculates to be able to sit in the back of the third who can mention Jones if needed.

Montgomery has been approximately 4.7 yards per carry and 8.2 yards in operation. He has the fastest yards (114) than receiving yards (81) in his two seasons with the Saints.

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4. Josh Adams

Adams is currently on the Saints trial team. He signed for the team after a re-attempt in early November when Kamara suffered a knee injury. Adams has not yet played a game for the Saints but could be called up to the task team to provide a return depth.

Adams started his career with the Eagles in 2018, and climbed 511 yards and hit three times as an unselected rookie from Georgia Tech. He has made just 169 yards and two touchdowns of 37 carries in three seasons since then.

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