Airstrikes in Israel kill 2 Syrian civilians; 7 injured: Report | Stories of Bashar al-Assad

Israel’s “space eagles” in central Syria have killed two people and injured seven others, mostly soldiers, according to a SANA government report.

An air strike in Israel in central Syria has killed at least two civilians and injured seven others, journalists said on Wednesday.

The Syrian defense force has tried to deal with the threats posed by the city of Homs. “Airstrikes in Israel have targeted central areas, and aviation security is responding,” the state news agency SANA said.

Two people have been killed and another wounded.

An unnamed military official said the fighter jets fired at 1:26 am (23:26 GMT) as it flew over neighboring Lebanon.

Israel, who has done it hundreds are attacking in the last few years in Syria, he has not responded to the report. It does not endorse or discuss such matters.

The recent uprising came in the wake of an increase in Israeli demonstrations in Syria in recent weeks.

Last week, Syria said Israel did rebellion south of the capital city of Damascus. The attack came from Golan Heights where people settled and hit an empty, harmless area.

Earlier this month, two Syrian soldiers were injured after Israel bombed a plane near villages east of Homs and the coastal city of Tartous.

Israel has acknowledged that it has withdrawn Iran’s allied forces, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah militant group that has sent troops to Syria. It claims to be attacking weapons that are believed to be heading for the military.

Hezbollah is fighting on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s army in a decade-long civil war.

Israel says Iran’s presence at its northern border is a red line, justifying its armed conflict in Syria.

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