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Adele is known to have been the talk of her life, and this was no different when one mother spoke to Oprah about the possibility of having more children in the future.

And that’s why we love it Adele. In her spare time sit down to talk about the story Oprah Winfrey revealed on CBS on Sunday, November 14, the 33-year-old singer and mother of one he revealed that he does not object to having many children who follow him divorce from ex Simon Koneki. “I want more children. It would not be the end of the world if I did not because I did Angel“But yes, I think so,” said Adele.

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Adele was very positive about her life during the time she sat down with Oprah. He talked about Simon, who shared it with him 9 year old son and, and said that his ex “probably saved my life” when they were together. “He came at a time like this, when the stability he and the Angels gave me, no one would give me, especially during my lifetime,” Adele said. “I was so young and I just thought I was lost in all of this. He came in and he was a stable. The most consistent person I have ever lived, until now I still trust him with my whole life.”

The Grammy winner divorced Simon back in 2019. This year, Adele began dating a sports assistant. Paul Wealthy, who also spoke of Oprah. “It’s just funny. And very smart. “You know, she’s very smart,” he explained. “It’s amazing to see her do what she does.” this new love it would not be good. “I would love to see how I feel about anything that hurts me because I feel safe, and I talk about love,” the star said.

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The CBS special did not allow Adele to talk about her life after her divorce, but also to share with her 10, the most extraordinary performances by a group of people, starred at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. After singing his songs like Hello and Rolling in The Deep, released his first solo album new disc 30, including I’m drinking Wine with the first single smash, Easy on Me.

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