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After being tested for COVID-19 and out for 10 days, Aaron Rodgers is back on the football field – but with tragic results, or especially a finger.

Aaron Rodgers I just went back to the field after that found with COVID-19 and stay out for 10 days due to non-vaccination – but with some complications. The Green Bay Packers quarterback appears to have a “COVID toe,” or acute toe injury that occurs after recovery from COVID-19. This condition, which is called medication pernio or chilblains, is a problem that causes swelling or swelling in the area of ​​the finger and can cause severe pain and turn the fingers brown. “There are no side effects other than a COVID toe,” the 37-year-old admitted Pat McAffee’s show on Nov. 23.

TV users took to Twitter to deal with the news, share their beliefs and criticize the player for his COVID / vaccine choices. “Aaron Rodgers has a ‘Covid Toe’? Maybe if he took his foot out of his mouth it could heal,” one man said. a joke, in addition to “paging Dr. Joe Rogan, ”As Aaron’s reply provides controversial podcaster who misdiagnosed his coronavirus infection with Ivermectin, which has not been clinically recognized as an effective treatment on viruses.

Many people on TV were shocked to hear the news, and shared their thoughts on Aaron COVID’s plight. “Reckon Aaron Rogers learned #CovidToe while researching for himself? ” another user chimed in to negotiations. “#Prevent” one person just wrote, meaning things that Aaron could have avoided if he had received the COVID vaccine. “Reckon Aaron Rogers learned #CovidToe while researching for himself? ” another user he laughs.

In the case of “COVID toes,” doctors have described the effects of the virus on the immune system. According to the British Journal of Dermatology in Oct. survey 2020, chilblains appear to occur in young patients with very few symptoms and are due to the body releasing more interferon against the COVID-19 virus.

Aaron Rodgers (Jed Jacobsohn / AP / Shutterstock).

Aaron at first he met with controversy when he appeared at the Pat McAfee show on Friday, Nov. 5 and said that he had not been cut, complaining that he was “a runner, not an opponent.” Quarterback also criticized journalists and NFL vaccination protocols. “I realize I’m one of those people who wakes up right now, so before I put my last nail in the coffin, I think I want to correct a lot of blatant lies that have come out. Then about myself.”

He continued his argument by saying that he “strongly” believes in “physical independence” and denies the need to “conform to a certain waking state in which a crazy group of people say they have to take action.”

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