1/6 Committee Investigates Bannon And Meadows Coordinating Trump Attack On Members of Congress.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated that the 1/6 Committee would like to speak with Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows about the discussions he had with members of the Republican Congress.

Video of Rep. Schiff:

Rep. Schiff was asked by Rachel Maddow if Meadows was in the same boat with Bannon, and she replied:

Well, they’ve taken too much an important part of parallelism fashion. That is, they refuse to even show up at the top. And there are larger groups of the two questions men who do not go, for example, to any communication between them and Donald Trump. There is a connection between, for example, Steve Bannon and members of Congress, center Steve Bannon, and the organizers of January 6 meeting at markets. None of this is possible covered with each type of opportunity. So in that sense, both men are same responsibility, weak spot, that is, them just fails to appear, and there it does not have to be.

There is the difference in note that Meadows was Wmember of the Hite House. Steve Bannon had never been there white house for years. There are exceptions but in the end it does not affect the truth no protection from the easy saying I’m not visible, and that perhaps the most important thing when a committee he chooses the next step.

Somewhere in America right now, House Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Paul Gosar, and Kevin McCarthy all broke out in the cold sweat.

The 1/6 committee wants to talk to Bannon and Meadows, not only about Trump, but also about the Congress members he talks to.

Negotiations with members of Congress will not have any chance.

It appears that the 1/6 Committee will expose the Republican Trump opponents within Congress.

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