What happened to Rob Gronkowski? Lots of injuries, changes and Buccaneers’ TE out against the Eagle

Rob Gronkowski has not played since Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season. He will not return to the field in Week 6 either.

The Buccaneers already ruled out Gronkowski in their “Thursday Night” game against the Eagles. It marks the third consecutive game Gronkowski will miss due to an injury suffered by the Rams.

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Gronkowski was injured after being hit and killed in Los Angeles. He went to the changing room after playing.

He later returned to play, but surprisingly did. He was seriously injured in a variety of ways.

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What is Rob Gronkowski’s injury?

Gronkowski told Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer that he encountered “four broken ribs, one broken rib and a burst lung” in a game against the Rams. Despite all this, the Bucs decided not to put him on IR.

Instead, the Buccaneers thought the Gronkowski could play with his former team, the Pirates, in Week 4. This is why the team decided not to put him in an injured position.

“We had hoped all week for Gronk to be ready,” the source said told ESPN. “It’s different.”

Gronkowski did not progress well enough to play. As a result, the team showed him the team to win over the Patriots and he also missed the 5th week the team won the Dolphins.

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How long does Rob Gronkowski take?

Gronkowski has now missed three games, the little money he needed to miss players on IR, but it doesn’t look like he will miss many more.

Bucs coach Bruce Arians said Gronkowski was “very close” to return to press coverage Monday. Then he said Gronk is making “really good” the next day. However, it seems the Bucs didn’t feel comfortable playing for a whole week, which is why they kept him out.

It looks like Gronkowski should have a chance to get back on the Bucs list in Week 7 by commenting on the recent Arians. His role will need to be monitored as the Buccaneers return to action after a short break on Thursday.

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