The governor of Missouri has threatened to sue a journalist for sharing online misconduct

Missouri Ambassador Mike Parson would like to read about the differences between it’s easy and the use of security errors. According to that Independent of Missouri, Parson accused a Louis Post-Dispatch being “destructive” for having the courage to … reports security holes. The journalist revealed the flaws in the website’s Elementary and Secondary program that allows everyone to see more than 100,000 Social Security numbers on the pages, and Parson described this as “political games” meaning “embarrassing the government” – that is, fraudulent theft.

The governor has already referred the case to the Cole County Prosecutor, and has also assigned the Missouri Highway State Patrol to investigate. Attorney for The Post-Sending he added that the journalist “did the right thing” by sharing the wrongdoing with the government to rectify it. The law also revived Parson online. A thief is someone who “destroys” security with malicious intent, not a journalist who is trying to promote security by sharing what has been made public.

The problem was not recent, either. University of Missouri-St. Louis professor Shaji Khan sells The Post-Sending that such a risk has been known for “at least 10 years”, and that it is “just a distraction” if the Department had let these problems go away. Surveys in 2015 and 2016 showed data collection in the Department and school districts.

No, prosecutors may not file a lawsuit. It’s hard to imagine a person whose ‘hacking’ would have clicked a “view page” in their browser. However, this reflects a well-known problem with politicians who do not understand technology. It’s not just embarrassing, like letters to senior citizens who have been in the past – could hinder the proper disclosure of security and put thousands of people at risk.

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