Tech Billionaire Peter Thiel Contributes to Funding Anti-Trump Legislators Who Vote to Oppose President Trump

Lots of bad news about the sour Liz Cheney and some Never-Trumpers.
Peter billionaire technician is helping to raise money for the opposition in 2021 unstable Republican.

Cost of Care reports:

Progressive Democrats, Wall Street outsiders and the establishment of the RNC are pouring money into Republicans like Liz Cheney to make UniParty as strong as possible in Washington DC. The RNC, led by District Chairman Ronna McDaniel, is following the club’s policy of not giving any money to the Republican Party for its opponents. Ronna McDaniel plays for another team.

According to a recent offer, highlighted by the Politico-backed Democrat defense against MAGA’s big waves next year, Peter Thiel’s founder of PayPal, a billionaire party ally and a supporter of Main Street MAGA, are now stepping in to help protesters and money.

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Through Politics:

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s main opponent endorsed former President Donald Trump before launching his campaign. Now, he’s getting big checks from Trump’s biggest donors – including billionaire billionaire Peter Thiel.

Thiel has handed over a legal check, $ 5,800 to Harriet Hageman, a Trump-affiliated lawyer who is battling Cheney at the Republican headquarters next year. The former president has made Cheney, an uncompromising opponent who voted for his actions in January, his main goal in the 2022 election, and who is contributing more money as Thiel enters the race.

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