Seattle Elementary School ‘Racial Equity Team’ Damages Annual Paradise

Seattle Elementary School has banned the Annual Pumpkin Festival because it “restricts international students who do not celebrate holidays.”

The ‘Racial Equity Team’ at Benjamin Elementary School in Seattle ended the show and said students would not be able to wear clothes this year.

Instead, children will take part in discussions such as “Fall Learning Groups” and “Climate” reviews, “New York Post reports.

“There are a lot of activities in the community and neighborhood where students and families want to celebrate Halloween,” a Seattle Public Schools spokesman said. the word is given going to KTTH Radio show Jason Rantz. “In the past, Dzungu Parade distinguished students who did not celebrate holidays. In particular, the students requested that they be alone at the school during the event.

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“In line with SPS’s unwavering commitment to national students, especially African American men, the staff volunteering to replace Dzungu Parade is an opportunity to integrate and teach during school hours,” he said.

School principal Stanley Jaskot confirmed to Fox News that Dzungu Parade was abolished.

“Halloween is a big talk at school. Of course, I agree that the ceremony distinguished our international students. Many of our students chose other events in the library when the Dzungu Parade took place. This was isolated and inconsistent with our idea of ​​an inclusive and safe place for all our students – especially national students and those interested in the noise and excitement of the show, “Jaskot told Fox News.

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