NFL Twitter criticizes the time when the idea of ​​the Washington Football Team rested on Sean Taylor’s number 21 jersey

The Washington Football Association announced Thursday that many fans feel they have done it long ago. The team rests on Sean Taylor’s No. 21 jersey.

Taylor’s number is retiring as part of Sunday’s game against the Kings at FedEx Field, as Washington announced on their official Twitter account.

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Taylor picked fifth in the 2004 NFL Draft and played 55 games in Washington. He achieved 305 assists, 12 titles, over 43 defense, eight errors and two pockets in his three-and-a-half-year career. He made the Pro Bowl in his last two seasons and is known to have beaten Brian Moorman in the tournament.

Sadly, Taylor’s life and career were shortened, as she was killed in November 2007 after being robbed in a Miami home. He was shot in the leg during the robbery and his vein was amputated. She was only 24 years old.

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Taylor was on track to become one of the best in the NFL. He made five appearances through nine games in 2007 at the time of his death. They are also very popular, which is why it is so easy to understand why Washington is removing his number.

However, the group has been criticized for advertising. The NFL is currently in the process of embezzling from 650,000 e-mails generated from Washington’s cultural inquiry into the workplace under Dan Snyder. Emails, most of which were letters by ten-year / team leader Bruce Allen, have been directed Jon Gruden’s departure from the Raiders and against ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Many NFL activists and journalists went on Twitter and said the announcement was like an attempt to discredit Washington in engaging in this. He further added that Washington had notified Months for Bobby Mitchell’s retirement last year when he had just announced for a few days the Taylor ceremony.

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Washington responded to this shortly after announcing and explaining this the event was active for several weeks.

“We apologize to the fans who would like to know more and will continue to share with the fans the way we will be celebrating Sean Taylor’s legacy next month,” said a team spokesman, per Matthew Paras.

Team President Jason Wright also apologized for the “brief information” about Taylor’s retirement.

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