Morning After: Apple Watch Series 7, illuminated

Apple still dominates clothing in the world. Last year, research firm Canalys found that the sale of smartwatchs continued beyond the basics and now accounts for 62% of total shipments. And Apple brands claim to be down by one-third of all smartphones sold out.


It’s fun because you need an iOS tool to install and use Apple Watch, which is why the company has eliminated all Android phone users who might be interested in Apple’s smartwatch. I’ve played with Fitbits, Samsung Galaxy Watches and Garmin occasionally, though, but nothing gives the possibility with the high-end Apple Watch. (And this comes from someone who hates – – Apple’s first smartwatch.)

That’s why we’re here around 7. is on sale on Friday, and there seems to be a lot of interest in the big clock, with a preview of the most recent birthdays of November when Apple opened orders. If you already do that, you probably don’t care! For all of us, Commentary Editor Cherlynn Low put the costumes on her trail last week. We will take a closer look at his comments below.

– Matt Smith

The Blue Trek Star Origin flight was a success.

William Shatner has been the oldest man to fly in space. The 90-year-old Star Trek was one of four members of the Blue Origin’s NS-18 when it climbed 66 miles. The sci-fi player and Engadget nemesis at random the whole cow of Twitter) was an 82-year-old regular pioneer , who wrote years ago a few months ago.

It is well known to Blue Origin. Jeff Bezos’ private office is currently battling lawsuits involving workplace hazards, not to mention the end of his legal dispute with SpaceX over the MASA-NASA alliance.

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It’s all a window

According to Cherlynn Low, small screens make a big difference on a small device. While not much more flexible than its predecessor, the larger Apple Watch Series 7 makes it much easier to use than ever before. It’s a great choice for anyone new to smartwatches or those upgrading from a very old device. If you are the owner of Series 6, you can wait until then. And if you’re really looking forward to sleep, the Apple Watch may not be right for you.

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They can take your temperature and see how you are doing.

Oh, the other one is a dress. Wall Street Journal sources say Apple is exploring several ways in which it can use AirPods as health devices. It can use pages as hearing aids, but it can also use motion sensors to adjust your movement. The sensors also include a thermometer to measure your body temperature.

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The device refunds you $ 499, depending on the photos released.

HTC Vive Flow is dropping


HTC is expected to launch a new VR theme within a week, but some lost photos have ruined the party. Photos of Vive Flow came online, courtesy of Evleaks on Twitter, prior to the event. Seemingly obscure in VR fiction, gogles seem to be more cinematic and less playful than the big (or business-centric) potential. The photos show that Vive Flow is available for pre-order from October 15, and will be shipped in early November.

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Social networking sites are trying to block access to confidential information.

Facebook continues to wage war against leakers following the revelation of white Frances Haugen. According to a report from New York Times, Facebook is banning access to other internal groups that deal with “problems such as security and elections. These changes, which were designed to prevent corruption, were released immediately.

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It will come with a built-in Alexa and will cost $ 799.

Bowers & Wilkins have launched a new version of their well-known Zeppelin speaker, and the company is said to have considered the search years. It describes the new Zeppelin as “smarter and more flexible” than its predecessors, with the help of Amazon’s Alexa.

B&W is planning to give it a multi-unit room in early 2022 through a change in programming. When this happens, users will be able to connect multiple Zeppelins together or connect Zeppelin with other B&W speakers in multiple rooms. The Zeppelin speakers chain is not a cheap operation, however. Each new speaker will cost $ 799.

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Download as little as Polaroid from your smartphone.

Fujifilm new printer


Fujifilm has released a new Instax printer that supports its larger, Polaroid-like video. Instax Link Wide Smartphone connector connects to your smartphone and prints camera images around the size of larger photos and credit cards from the original Instax mini Link printer. You can also transfer and print photos from the Fujifilm X-S10 camera without glasses.

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