MERRICK GARLAND Announces First Parent Change [VIDEO]

We are living in a crisis in the United States of America. We have a disorganized “president” who half the Americans do not believe was elected fairly. Joe Biden is likely to be taking orders from unscrupulous individuals working in secrecy which is so bad that, if exposed to unscrupulous journalists, it could destabilize our country at its peak.

100% Off reports – On October 4, Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee was converted A Joe Biden Barack Obama’s attorney general Merrick Garland has sent a threatening message to warn parents of his intention to set up state law firms around America. The letter must have encouraged competition from school administrators or school administrators for their actions and teaching CRT. The program of the letter was encouraged and the National School Board Association (NSBA), which called on Biden supervisors to take action against disobedient parents who still attend board meetings; The Department of Justice under the direction of Attorney General Merrick Garland has taken the case against the parents. The NSBA urged Biden’s supervisors to make decisions that the parents concerned “are similar to domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

Much has happened since our time Threats by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland against the First Proper Parental Law to speak out against Critical Race Theory (CRT) that is being forced on students in K-12 school or forcing our children to wear masks at school?

As soon as Merrick threatened the parents to speak, it turned out that Merrick Garland’s daughter was married to a partner of a company that provides schools with CRT training materials.

Rebecca Garland’s husband, Xan Tanner, co-founder of Panorama Education, a CRT weapons publisher

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Parents should stop attending board meetings – but they did not. Instead, in most cases, they are counted twice and appear larger.

On Monday, a father in Clark County, Nevada, attended a meeting of the Clark County School Board and surprised the members by serving them with papers while he was speaking.

“These are divisions because of your fears and interests,” the unidentified man told school members. “People in this country are satisfied, and we are taking revenge.”

“I have something to give you,” he said. He called the security guard and asked them to do him a favor, “and asked” Can you give the forms to the committee members? ” When the defense issued a warrant for each member, the father said, “You have been legally charged $ 200 million in court with six counts and a series of violations.”

“Your job is not to worry about the health of the children,” he told them. “You are not a nurse. You are not doctors. You are not supervising their health organization. You just look at our children’s education, and the education here is 50 in the government, and you make more money than anyone else. ”

“Obviously you have failed to do the job,” he said. “The world is not alone. It’s time to wake up. Now, we’re going to do court after trial after trial. We can throw it out as you wish. We will simply keep these notes on your desk and let the problem continue until we get what we want. ”

“This is not a discussion, we will have free will, and we will see each other in court,” he added.


While the members were being served, the parents who sat behind the brave father, who was not offended by the threats of the Attorney General of the United States, laughed and applauded.

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