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After that Lizzo left rapper Cardi B. (Elected)On his 29th birthday on October 11, he brought the party to his home! After her purple photos Matthew Reisman’s collection dress made headlines, the 33-year-old took her on Instagram to share a self-titled movie, and inspired her to become a shining star.

In the video, the “Juice” singer went on to put on her show number, showing off her extravagant dances. Lil John & The East Side Boyz smash 2002 hit “Get Low” when friends laughed and envied her from behind. “Soft twerk blessing of the timeline🍑✨” the singer spoke briefly.

Lizzo actually came out on the dance floor, helping her girlfriend Cardi after their song “Rumors” started in August. In addition to her costume show, Lizzo played with a long, purple tail with butterfly pieces and shared her game of shoes Instagram photo – Jimmy Choo wearing shoes and heels – fans asked him to leave the party barefoot.

Even the singer of “Good as Hell” has rocked a lot of beautiful clothes and looks, well, good as hell, recently revealed its opposition to the “fat” comments after the “Rumor” video was released, tears Instagram live about dealing with the stress of all this. Luckily for Lizzo, her riding-or-dying Cardi B was there lift him back, tweeting about protecting each other and shutting down shame. “When you stand on your own, they take yours [sic] difficult [and] alert. If you don’t, they’ll blow you away in tears, ”Cardi said he wrote August 15. “Whether you are fat or slender, [or] plastic, they always try to put their worries on you. Remember, these are the artists looking at the famous table. ”

Lizzo attends Cardi Bi’s 29th birthday party (MEGA)

Author of “Money” he continued: “Rumors are getting better. Stop trying to say that the song is flying to get a woman out of her bullying situation or to act like she needs to feel sorry for her. The song is up to 10 on all platforms. Embarrassed and calling her mother is as cruel and racist as fk. ”

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