Lincoln Riley is set to start Caleb Williams, but keeping Spencer Rattler is a priority in Oklahoma

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley will not feature in the opening ceremony of Saturday’s game against TCU.

“Don’t be prepared to name the opening quarter this week,” Riley said at a press conference Tuesday. “We’ll see how the week ends, see where we are when we get to Saturday. … See you on Saturday at 6:30 pm”

Simple thinking is easy. Freshman Caleb Williams, who led the way back to Texas last week at the Red River Showdown, has taken on the role of Spencer Rattler’s favorite preseason in one of the most amazing stories of the 2021 season.

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Is it weird? We’ve already seen this.

On January 8, 2018, Alabama coach Nick Saban introduced Jalen Hurts and newcomer Tua Tagovailoa to the CFP tournament. Crimson Tide won 26-23 in a Tagovailoa victory over TD in the second and 26th.

The following season, Dabo Swinney replaced Kelly Bryant, who led the Tigers to the CFP last season, with a new man where Trevor Lawrence finished four games. Bryant moved to Missouri during that season, and Lawrence led the international race.

Riley can learn from both of these things to save Soon on the way to a CFP match to win the first world championship since 2000. A temporary decision with Riley should make a decision before Saturday. Frogs Witch, when they just look at the same choice.

Williams is supposed to be an election. The Sooners’ mistake created a huge chance for Williams to play 28-7 against Texas. Back then Kennedy Brooks and receiver Marvin Mims had their best game of the season.

Remember, as soon as Saban installed Tagovailoa, that was the case. Tagovailoa won the campaign starting next season, but Hurts took part in the offense throughout the year.

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What about the Rattler? Riley said the graduate was given Monday before returning to work.

“Considering the situation,” says Riley. “It’s not difficult for a young boy. This man is painted in a way more obvious than he really is.”

Rattler was considered the Heisman Trophy runner-up and the No. 1 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. He also won NIL trades, and as Hurts did not lose a quarter of a quarter at the end of the season he was replaced. It’s just that Oklahoma played a number of games in the FBS game, and Williams was right on time.

Riley also claimed that Rattler had won the race, but the situation has changed.

Will Rattler change as soon as Bryant changed? Riley also answered the question, knowing that the transfer page is more functional than it was in 2018.

“There’s no guarantee, but I can expect to be with all the guys all season,” Riley said. “All of them are very dedicated to this football team.”

Rattler’s father said the same to OUDaily Wednesday , stating that the couple will make a future decision for the Oklahoma season.

The best news? Rattler remains responsible, even if he retaliates, for the remainder of the season. Other than that, he re-entered the game and hit a two-point tie against Texas last week.

Take a look back at the events in Alabama and Clemson to see the importance of going back quarter. Injuries replaced the injured Tagovailoa and led to a 35-28 win over Georgia in the 2018 SEC playoff game. Lawrence was embroiled in controversy in the first game after Bryant’s transfer, and Chase Brice played the hero on a 27-23 comeback against Syracuse on September 29, 2018. Those were crucial moments in the season, which ended with Clemson beating Alabama in a CFP match.

Oklahoma has not reached a competitive game despite playing four games. He has the right quarterback every time, too, the two Heisman Trophy winners at Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray along with the Hurts, who left Alabama after the 2018 season.

This is another good news for Riley. That late quarter ends season. Remember, the Lions recently won 14 games in a row.

“The sky isn’t falling,” Riley said. “We see it in the right light.”

RIley can handle this, despite his recent entry into the NIL, in this CFP competition. Penn State lost a quarterback to Sean Clifford last week, and a move away from QB was disastrous in a 23-20 defeat by Iowa. Oklahoma still has half a season in the Big 12, with the Sooners missing out on the seventh game.

“This has been our time when we’ve been exercising,” Riley said. “That’s our goal right now.”

To do this, Riley has to start Willliams and see where he goes. He could emerge as a Heisman Trophy contestant and programmer who has been trying to showcase his future SEC colleagues on the CFP stage. But the Rattler must remain active and active, whether it is in other packages in each game or in the rematch, in order to achieve this.

Then the success that Riley should expect. Or maybe the plans will soon lead to international competition.

“For me, I feel like I have two good players,” Riley said. “I don’t see it as a problem or a problem. You have to choose between two big decisions, and it’s a good opportunity to be in it. I know all these kids can respond no matter where they are.”

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