Kyrie Irving’s alliance: Why the Nets can’t give him a max

With the opening night of the 2021-22 season just days away, the future presence of Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving remains in the air.

The Nets have started their regular season at Milwaukee against the Milwaukee Bucks defending with Irving at home.

The Nets’ future looks set to move forward without Irving, but what about the long-term?

Back at the beginning of August and Nets GM Sean Marks said he was “confidence” The permit will be signed by both Irving and James Harden at the beginning of the training camp.

Now go back today, and Athletic’s Shams Charania says that the Nets are no longer putting additional offerings on the table. A major upgrade could be worth $ 187 million over four years for a 29-year-old guard.

Failing to play home games with the Nets as a result of New York City’s vaccination, Irving is expected to lose $ 381,181 per game, which will increase exponentially if the crisis goes well. It should be noted that they are paid for street sports even if they are not a member of the group, as the license has ruled them out of the club.

According to Extras, All-Time 7-Star has a $ 36 million player for the 2022-23 season.

Working on top of the cap, the Nets would not like to throw Irving in the free agency without retaliation, but except for now, Irving has suffered a number of recent injuries, especially with his knees.

Looking down at just 74 games for all ages over the past two seasons, the watchman has appeared in more than 70 games in just one season since 2015.

Well done and closed in the competition window, the franchise could make the decision that growing over the years would not be worth the ever-expanding franchise. If they do come to an end, it could open the door for trading, even selling Irving’s market is a daunting task.

For Brooklyn, things are not really good but very difficult. While they would probably prefer Irving to sit down with James Harden and Kevin Durant, the team is still the favorite to get out of the Eastern Conference and will probably win the title.

The game is six months away, giving both of them more time to figure out the answer, but due to the uncertainty at the moment, the additions to the table are clear.

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