Kyrie Irving takes part on Instagram, shares unsafe ideas and denies retirement rumors

Kyrie Irving’s unofficial role is one of the topics discussed in the NBA preseason.

The consequences and consequences of his decision, not only on his career but the Nets’ 2021-22 season achieves a pre-season pre-season.

After walking the tight ropes of all media events since the training camp began based on their views on the subject, a The nets finally stood still and announced that Irving would not play or participate in the team until he was qualified to do so.

For now, Irving has been silent except for a brief interview on Zoom with reporters on Media Day. On Wednesday night, a Star-Star watchman violated the order by taking Instagram immediately.

“This is about my life and the decisions I make,” Irving said of his decision not to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The financial implications, I know I don’t want to do this,” Irving said. “But it’s true that in order to live in New York City, in order to be in a group, I have to get vaccinated. I decided not to get vaccinated, and it was my choice, and I urge all of you to just respect that decision.

Due to a New York City vaccination rule that Irving would not be allowed to play with the team at home games at the Barclays Center and on the street games at Madison Square Garden.

His views, which he believes give voice to deaf people who have been fired for their vaccination activities, do not agree with the Nets organization or its affiliates, he explains.

“This is my life,” Irving said. “I have to do whatever I want with this, this is one body I come here for. And you tell me what to do with my body. This is in line with what’s going on in our world. They’ve been put together to be something bigger than basketball.”

In addition, his thoughts and attitudes led to reports and discussions of managers who had left the game to retire. However, on the media platform, he immediately stopped the discussion.

“No one is stealing these words,” Irving said.

“See if they can play on television and if they can play these realities before you talk about me and what I’m doing with my life. And no, I’m not retiring. And no, I’m not going to leave the game like this. There’s still a lot of work to be done.”

Since Media Day, Irving had just participated in their camp in San Diego and was followed out one week later. No systems and no games.

His live section on Instagram, where he discusses some of the pensions and agendas, leaves a lot to be desired. Should they play or will they continue to be available all season due to no injuries?

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