Facebook’s recent efforts to reduce leaks came out immediately

Facebook continues to wage war against leakers following the revelation of white Frances Haugen. According to New York Times, Facebook and for other internal groups dealing with “problems” such as security and decision-making. That the change, which was designed to prevent further exit, came out immediately is ridiculous and is one of the biggest issues the company is currently experiencing.

From Haugen As a musician, one of the most important things in his history was that the documents he submitted to Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission were available to the staff. The letters contained photographs of the young company’s research , as well as several memos run by the company for VIPs, and other complexities.

As Time he points out, the reason these documents are readily available is because Facebook has an open culture that encourages sharing. And co-workers often go to internal communication, Workplace, to discuss the company’s challenges.

But now social networking sites are moving away from that open source. The company is making some internal groups confidential, and will remove employees “whose work is not security-related,” according to the report. “Loyal negotiations will take place in closed courts in the future,” the company told co-workers.

On the one hand, the fact that the news of this change came out immediately can be seen as proof that the company is losing more than ever. But it could also indicate that there are increasing unrest among workers, with some saying they are concerned that leaving groups that have done more important work could be harmful rather than beneficial.

It also describes the proliferation of Facebook that still upsets Haugen’s revelations. In addition to the Senate hearing last week, Haugen is expected selection committee investigating violence on Jan. 6, as well to search the company. The SEC also appears to have he says.

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