Except: Maricopa County officials have claimed they did not remove ballot papers

Statement BOS County Maricopa Chairpersons Jack Sellers Statement – May 14, 2021

Maricopa County election officials recently acknowledged that data had been removed from the 2020 election and had already called on their journalists to rectify the situation.

Gateway Gate reports that County eventually admitted to deleting data when questioned by Rep. of the US Andy Biggs.

WHAT? Shady Maricopa County Legitimate Claims Should They Secretly Delete More Information From Server Under Subpoena To Prepare for Next Resolution? (Video)

On Monday, Senate President Karen Fann shared the news with RTM examining the claims of Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates while admitting to deleting files that appear to be Freudian credentials.

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He tried to retaliate by stating that the deleted files were saved and that the deleted files did not fall into the category of “all documents relating to the election”.

Neither he nor the Chairman of the Board Jack Sellers can guarantee that deleting files was a common practice.

Superintendent Bill Gates responded to Fann’s statement by writing:

Fact: False. apnews.com/article/fact-c

He couldn’t even get better – the All online applications the auditor-general voted against other statements, “probably false”.

AP: CONCLUSION: “Maricopa County acknowledges that it has DOWNLOAD and moved election notices to hide it from readers After receiving the test. ”

AP TRY: A little false. The largest area in Arizona did not approve the removal and transfer of data to hide it from readers. The section stated that it was necessary to save and move the data because there was no space to store it on the server. forever.

NOTE: A few weeks later the security company is shown wrong results in a review of Republican elections in the 2020 elections in Maricopa County, the U.S. House of Representatives in a referendum on Thursday’s election results brought new false allegations online.

Twitter users shared one piece of Republican Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona interviews Bill Gates of Republican Maricopa County Supervisors, as well the lie that the government miraculously accepted.

Here is the truth.

  1. Karen Fann does not say that the files were removed to “hide from readers”. Fann said this. This was revoked upon receipt of the license.
  2. The Maricopa region did not provide access to this information. Hence it is correct to interpret this as an attempt by the County to conceal this from readers.
  3. A true examiner uses the term ‘Soon’. Federal law stipulates that all ballot papers must be kept for 22 months. It appears that the files were corrupted or lost at this time and it is suspected that the County was unaware of this.
  4. Bill Gates’ observation on this matter was incorrect and his publication may be interpreted as false.

Maricopa County went so far as to say that I would be guilty of deleting the files.

Why were the files not stored for 22 months in accordance with state law?

Why didn’t he give this advice if ordered?

Why is Bill Gates now acting as if he didn’t say the files were deleted?

View the image from a DRM forum where it denies that its content is not stored in all polls.

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