Creating a well-maintained environment from a 75-foot-long list

In line with Sporting News’ publishing “75 largest mountains in NBA history,” in conjunction with the NBA’s 75th anniversary season, there is much discussion about where regular players should be among their peers.

The first phase of the “75 largest mountains in NBA history” began on Tuesday, ranking players cut from 75 to 51. Yesterday, we looked at the players he was 50-26. Today, we made the third installment in the series, from 25 to 11.

When testing the first 65 players on the list, one thing is not left out – there are more of good guards.

Tony Parker, Bob Cousy, Pete Maravich, Derrick Rose, Walt Frazier, Kyrie Irving, Penny Hardaway, Gary Payton, Damian Lillard, Jason Kidd, Russell Westbrook, Steve Nash, Luke Doncic, Chris Paul, John Stockton, Allen Iverson, Isiah Thomas , Stephen Curry, Oscar Robertson and Jerry West are all getting their names in the first 65 games revealed.

It made me think: If you make a file for perfect point guard using pieces and some of the best to play this game, what would a theater look like?

Creating a better NBA management environment

Growth: Magic Johnson

Decisions will not be easier than this.

Standing at 6-9-9 and 215 pounds with 7-foot-5 wings, Johnson was a rhinoceros in the backyard of the 1980’s. his height and height to be able to carry a rock, get up and down the circle and see down the way Magic said.

His size made him one of the NBA’s most prolific players, playing five of his best titles for the rest of his career. He re-introduced the NBA Finals game in the middle as a rookie in 1980, intervening for injured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and making jaw-dropping action with 42 points, 15 rebound and seven assistants to lead the Lakers to the NBA title.

The development of magic is the starting point for proper credit.

Stability: John Stockton

You know what he’s talking about – great potential and availability. Stockton was one of the most played games in NBA history.

In his 16 of 19 seasons in the NBA, Stockton has played in all 82 Jazz games. If you include the 1999 closing season, when teams only play 50 games, then Stockton had 17 (!) Seasons when he missed one game.

Property management? She never heard of it.

Stockton only missed four games in the first 13 professional years before undergoing knee surgery before making him miss the first 18 games of the 1997-98 season. Until then, from 1990 to 1997, Stockton had appeared in 609 consecutive games, the eighth best in NBA history.

His 1,504 games were played in the fifth round, but it should be noted that he played fewer seasons in the league than all four players who came – Robert Parish, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzki.

As an all-around supporter and stealer of the competition, Stockton could have been used anywhere in making the player, but his courage is invaluable and unchanging.

Games: Russell Westbrook

No other NBA player in history can shake a rib like Westbrook.

At 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds of muscle, Westbrook is like a freight train coming down. With the first quick step, spectacular explosions, broad shoulders, strong and instinctively deadly, it’s best to just walk away once Westbrook starts to steam.

That’s all battles when they attack the hoop, and often, Westbrook wins the battle.

Basketball IQ: Chris Paul

They call him “Point God” for another reason: Paul is one of the best players the league has ever seen.

Paul looks down and understands the game to some degree. It’s as if they can see the future from time to time, the way they manage security to establish themselves or their players with simple buckets. He became the king of the game of deception that caused people to doubt his game, some calling him a player. But others say it is his ambition, he is doing everything he can to help his team.

I mean, how many players can say that helped their team win the game professionally in the textbook? Paul can.

His brain is essential to creating a better environment.

Swagger and confidence: Allen Iverson

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Before joining LeagueFits, there was Iverson rocking whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, to bring his vessel to the NBA. And how we can take his style without a court or on the courts like knitting, headbands, short bags and uniforms, hand wrists and fingertips, and talk about his style when I say “swagger and confidence.”

Iverson is a moving definition of “not the size of a dog in this fight, it’s the size of a fight in a dog.” That’s why players like LeBron James, among others, I have named Iverson the “pound-pound” best player in NBA history.

From rookie AI crossing Michael Jordan, to stepron at Tyronn Lue in the 2001 NBA Finals, to celebrating his signature call to hear more from the opposing team, you can make the case that no player in league history has played more boldly and courageously than Iverson .

Those ideas are important in a player-making process.

Shooting: Stephen Curry

Remember when I said “decisions are never easier” than picking up Magic grow? I bring back the same Curry and shot.

I mean, who else but the biggest shooter in basketball history?

He remains the 3rd full-time leader, but by preventing injury from cutting his 2021-22 campaign, Curry (2,832 3-pointers made) will catch Ray Allen (2,973) this season.

He was the fastest player in NBA history to hit 2,000 3s. Its 402 3 production in 2015-16 is the largest in a single season. During this time, he was the only player in the 30s to join the 50-40-90 club. He’s the only player to score 50 out of 10 or more than 3 in a few games – four times. His 21 games with 10 or more 3 are patali more so in NBA history, when teammate Klay Thompson played second.

And there are only a handful of Curry’s endless list when it comes to shooting. All in all, it did not take much wisdom to make this decision.

Cover: Kyrie Irving

Irving is a witch with basketball. It’s like watching a poem go by when you multiply the defenders, they make a break and shoot.

Nothing Irving does with basketball is unpredictable. He’s a football reader who reads a lot and engages in something I’ve never seen before. When a security guard hits one route unexpectedly, he has to move the counter in his pocket to change. The term “basketball ball” may not work very well.

Irving is as good as the ballpark and distracting the defender in front of him.

Pass: Steve Nash

Nash’s court vision and acting skills were the elect. How can you beat back-to-back MVPs when you have less than 20 points per game? Although he was like a goal scorer, he was able to elevate his teammates around him.

Nash took up five supporting roles in his career and led the league six times. He had seven different seasons with over 10.0 assists in the game, establishing himself as the most successful player in the NBA from 2004 to around 2012. all over the court, Nash is able to consume money in any way.

Even if it seems like the crossing path is blocked, Nash finds a way to squeeze the ball to his goal basket.

His 10,335 supportive roles are the third-largest in NBA history and are an excellent skill to add to these relevant guidelines.

Security and Stability: Gary Payton

It is not locked more securely than in Payton.

No one was more proud to defend themselves than “Glove,” who did not give up any job. He was fierce, physical and in front of you second when his tits were half gone. Its strength fits well with a sturdy 6-foot-4, 180-pound frame with very fast hands to pick up anyone’s pocket. He only leads the NBA to steal once, but surpasses 2.0 thieves in a game in eight seasons during his career.

Payton won nine full-time defense and was the last player to be named Player Defender of the Year when he received the award in 1996.

Genie Clutch: Damian Lillard

It turns out that when Lillard is shot with a chance to build or win the game – regardless of the security situation around him – you have to wait for the ball to enter.

He has undoubtedly been the best player in the NBA in the last few days. Last season, he led the league in scoring with 51.1% shots in the field. (On average, Lillard shot 45.1% off the field last season, so he got it easy while prices were at an all-time high).

There is no better evidence of his gene than being the only player in NBA history to hit a run for several NBA Playoffs, their takeover Rockets on buzzer in 2014 and Clouds in 2019.

With the game on the line, the player’s maker needs Lillard’s steady hand under pressure.

Wow factor: Luke Doncic

This is more likely than anything else on this list, but “Luke Magic” he heard real, isn’t it?

Whether he’s struggling with his gravity, dropping a clutch, lifting 3-pointers, flying badly across the court or cheating his matchup with football fakes to open up a chance to play, Doncic has a way of “wow” his audience.

At just 22 years old, he is widely believed to have achieved his permanent success, as evidenced by the fact that he has already shot 75 of the biggest goals in NBA history just three years after taking office. The best still to come is the phenom guard, jaw-dropping fun and everything else.

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