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Britney Spears has rocked the most beautiful costumes for years & if you want to dress up as a Halloween image this year, we’ve got you covered with the best costumes for under $ 50.

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Britney streams has been a staple for years, but lately, she’s been listening to the news more than ever, which is why dressing up as she would make a great Halloween outfit this year. Britney’s fans met last year to show her support during her father’s fight, so what’s the best way to show your support for Halloween?

Throughout Britney’s career, she has rocked the many costumes that have stuck in our heads. Below, we’ve looked at three of its most iconic features that you can recreate and they all cost less than $ 35 – what more could you ask for?

1. Britney Spears’s 2001 VMAs Look

(Beth A Keizer / AP / Shutterstock)

How can one forget Britney when she woke up to the 2001 VMAs rocking a sex band singing her song “I’m a Slave 4 U.” The Brit ruled the stadium in a small green space with short green, green, and black cheeks. She wore this outfit with a 25-pound Burmese albino lizard on her shoulders – now talented. To get it back in shape we completed the pieces.

CUPSHE Front Cross Lace Up Bikini


The top of the bikini top of the bikini is similar to the Britney type, except that it lacks a central stone. Take an old blog, put it in the middle, and you’re good to go. Even better, the bathing suit comes with floral arrangements so you can reschedule the swim on your next vacation. $ 30,

JUST FOR Sequin Shimmer Shorts

short sequin

Replace the green with skintight shorts, a very low-cut booty. They are very stretchy and elastic so that they are comfortable, plus, available in large to XX-sizes. $ 19,

Paialco Realistic Rubber Snake Toy 52 inch Long

the snake

The dress would not be complete without a yellow snake and this is a good one. It’s 52 inches that allows you to put it on your shoulders, and the best part is, it’s very light so you don’t have to worry about carrying 25 pounds of meat like Britney. $ 10,

2. A Britney schoolgirl is wearing a “Baby, One More Time” movie

britney currents
(Vevo / Britney Streams)

Perhaps one of Britney’s most famous movies is her movie “Baby, One More Time” in which she dressed as a schoolgirl. The fabric is easy to replicate and the best part is, you can repair all the pieces.

BUTTZO Long Hand Brake


The long white sleeveless trouser has exactly what Britney is dead for and just goes right on. It’s nice and can be worn with bullets on the floor, as Britney did. $ 24,

AvoDovA Supply Chain Store Solid Strength


A thick black skirt is the best way to experiment with the crop. It looks like Britney’s, in combination, is available in sizes X-Small to X-Large and comes in 13 different colors. $ 10,

Belle Poque Cut Cardigan


Finally, a gray cardigan cut. This one has three-quarter sleeves and completes the Britney look. A bright white dress, this sweater will keep you warm on Halloween, all of which makes you look good. Even better, it is available in smaller colors from the smallest – 3X larger. $ 18,

3. Britney’s “Oops! I did it again” in a movie theater

britney currents
(Vevo / Britney Streams)

Everyone knows Britney’s red jump from her movie “Oops! I did it again” and you can restart her look with one piece – it’s never easier than this.

Kepblom Shiny Metallic Catsuit


The bright red metallic catsuit is ideal if you are reviving Britney’s look. It has long sleeves and a small necklace, like Britney’s. Just add a little headband with black shoes or sandals and you’re ready to go. $ 34,

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