1/6 The Committee Has Taken A Subpoena Hammer And Demands Evidence From Jeffrey Clark By 10/29

The 1/6 Committee gave Jeffrey Clark more than two weeks to present evidence and to produce his records.

1/6 Committee Chairman Jeffrey Clark

Via: 1/6 Committee:

Chairman Bennie G. Thompson announced today that the Select Committee has issued a statement to Jeffrey Clark, a former Justice Department official stating that he is involved in testing the 2020 presidential election and disrupting the peaceful transfer of power. The conference requires evidence and documents from Mr. Clark as part of the Select Committee’s investigation into the January 6 incident and the causes of the violence of the day.

… ..

According to a report released last week by the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, there is credible evidence that, while working for the Office of Justice, Clark took part in efforts to secure a peaceful transfer of power. Mr Clark wants to send a letter to Georgia lawmakers and others urging them to delay the identification process. In addition, he called for a press conference to announce that the Department was investigating false ballot cases even though there was no evidence of fraud. All these views have been rejected by the senior management of the Department due to lack of facts and inconsistencies with the Department’s responsibilities.

The report adds that Clark failed to comply with the Department’s policy of liaising with the White House and that the former President considered Clark to be the Attorney General.

The conference requires Clark to set records and witness at the meeting on October 29, 2021.

Clark Is The First Co-Conspirator To Receive.

Clark has tried to address the issue, but the country will soon see the seriousness of it once Trump’s allies are prosecuted.

1/6 Committee is not wasting time.

Clark takes over the DOJ’s role and works to overthrow the Trump election. The plot and destruction are 1/6 connected, and Jeffrey Clark has the knowledge of both.

The committee is coming after the plots of the conspirators, every day things get worse for Trump.

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