Wuhan Scientists Plan To Release Coronaviruses To Catch Caves 18 Months Before Plague

We also mentioned in April 2020 that ‘doctor’ Dr Shi, was using money from the US for bat coronavirus testing in Wuhan.

BREAKING: Dr. Fauci and Obama Admin Donated Wuhan Lab $ 3.7 Million After Famous Dr

We were the first to discover a doctor and it was revealed in April 2020 that Dr. Shi was keeping a record of batch viruses in China and was in the process of developing a vaccine against the virus.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: In 2017 Dr. Shi from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Claims to Hold Large Battalions of Bat Viruses and Proper Vaccines

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The Telegraph has now reported on China’s efforts to smuggle bats into China for use as a coronavirus. Telegraph stated, through Yahoo.

Wuhan’s scientists were planning to roll out the best-known coronaviruses to China to protect them from human-to-human infections, has unveiled ideas from 2018.

New reports show that just 18 months before the first cases of Covid-19 were released, researchers had proposed to release nanoparticles into the skin containing “protein chimeric spike protein” bat bat coronaviruses for miles in Yunnan, China.

He is also planning to make chimeric viruses, improve gene mutations, and ask $ 14 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) to fund the project. [A US Defense agency that does R&D on emerging technologies.]

The US had no business dealing with China on bat viruses. Doing so in conjunction with the Chinese military was a dangerous practice.

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