Why didn’t the Florida State government protect security? Mike Norvell describes the final drama in Jacksonville state

Florida State was defeated for the first time by an FCS opponent in program history on Saturday after the Jacksonville government ended last-second Praise Mary to beat Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium, 20-17.

It was coach Mike Norvell’s second loss in a row, a week later he is considered a solitary rider in time added to No. 9 Notre Dame. Saturday’s defeat was undoubtedly the most painful, considering the talent difference between the two teams and the Gamecocks they scored two goals in the final 4:45 to complete a back-to-back victory.

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To make matters worse, it seems Florida State has mistakenly defended itself from scoring, and secured a second defense as it tries to oust Zerrick Cooper. The Seminoles failed to pressure the Gamecock players, which led to his being thrown into Damond Philyaw-Johnson. You should listen to Florida State radio presenter William Floyd – who seems to be throwing his head in frustration – to see how security has not been created.

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As for why Norvell didn’t go with the defense? Here are some suggestions:

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The problem with Norvell’s analysis of the game is that State Jacksonville had only 6 seconds to go through the final 59 yards to the finish line. While it is possible that Gamecock would have tried to get a little closer before trying Let’s Visit Mary, it was possible to try the game. Which, he did.

Norvell gave no excuses, saying, “I apologize to our loved ones, to the university, to all the Seminoles. … This group is talented, they have a heart, but we have to go and do it.”

This is true for Norvell, considering that he directly affected the outcome of the game in the wake of his decisions.

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