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He made history on January 20 as the youngest poet ever to read at the inauguration of the President. Learn more about Amanda Gorman, a poet nominated by Dr. Jill Biden.

Change (9/13/21): Amanda Gorman, 23, to take part in the 2021 Met Gala Monday, September 13. Amanda was one of four stars mentioned in May as a fellow chair at the return of the Met Gala, via Celebrities. The poet will do the work together Billie Eilish, Naomi Osaka, and Timothée Chalamet. It’s a very happy night for Amanda. He expressed how happy he was to be interviewed in July Carrier. “The simplest comparison is feeling like Cinderella is going to the ball,” he said. I think this is an explosion. I am very happy to see all the other writers and poets who can adorn the red carpet in the future. And I hope that, by looking at my appearance, you can hear what I am saying out loud and clearly. ”

The author also described this privilege as “hearing[ing] as a newcomer to old age, ”that is Porter, but it seems that the four co-workers are getting better and getting ready for the evening. “There is something that unites us to be young and beautiful but, at the same time, we have become a symbol of our industry. We are a new generation – and you better be careful, ”he said.

Original: You are the youngest poet in the world. She received an award from College Women of the Year and Webbys. And now, Amanda Gorman can add opening poet to resume. Amanda, 22, was chosen by the first newcomer, Dr. Jill Biden, joining preferences for Maya Angelou (his hero) is Robert Frost reading the poem at the opening of 2021. Here are five things you need to know about Amanda and her excellent work:

1. Amanda Read a poem inspired by The Capitol Siege

Amanda said Associated Press that the chaos at Capitol Hill on January 6 would have been mentioned in “The Hill We Climb,” a poem he wrote Joe Bidenopening. “The same day has given me a second chance to finish this poem, ”said Amanda. “This poem is not blind. It is not turning your back on evidence of disagreement and division. ” His poem moved the viewers, as he read them at the opening.

Amanda shared her feelings on Twitter as it happens: “Unarmed blacks have been killed in our homes, in our own cars, in our own schools. At the moment white protesters have taken over the US capital. Racial equality does not mean the death of protesters. today. ”

Amanda Gorman arrives at the 2020 American Black Film Festival Honors Awards in Beverly Hills, 2/23/20 (AP)

2. Amanda is the United States Young Poet laureate

Amanda received top honors in 2017, at just 18 years old. He was commended by his ex-wife Michelle Obama, and was honored at the Gracie Mansion in New York City by the Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family. Amanda performed at the Library of Congress in 2020. Amanda has read poems about many famous audiences. With the exception of Michelle Obama, she treats him too Hillary Clinton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Malala Yousafzai, as well as the Second Vice President Al Gore, according to him web page. Amanda has appeared several times CBS This Morning to read the poems for which he was commanded.

3. Amanda Read the poem at Super Bowl LV

Following her amazing opening performance, Amanda too released Super Bowl LV is an amazing piece, thanking the key staff in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. “Today, we honor our three captains for what they did in a volatile and important time,” he said. “They have been leading, exceeding all expectations, strengthening their communities as neighbors, leaders, and educators.”

4. Amanda Published Two Books of Poetry

Amanda wrote her first poem,Whose Food Is Not Enough, in 2015. In September 2021, her children’s first book began. Edit Songs is indicated by Loren Long, a photographer behind the former President Barack Obama‘s About You I Sing: A Letter To My Daughters. “When a girl leads a group of people on a singing tour, she learns that she has the power to change – big or small – in the world, in their community, and most of all, in themselves.” the description reads. “Edit Songs it is a powerful call for everyone to use their skills to make a difference.

Amanda released several poems, called her opening piece Mountain Climbs And Other Poems, in March 2021. He plans to release the conference again in December Let’s Call What We Carry. “A beautiful poem he read at the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, and filled with music looking at famous themes, grief, and memories; this song of hope and healing has a special moment in our country when we run out of time. , “a the publisher explains book.

Amanda Gorman
Amanda Gorman at the Porter’s Third Year Incredible Women Gala in Los Angeles, 10/9/18 (AP)

5. Amanda Is The Founder Of One Pen One Page

One Pen One Page is an organization that “provides a program for writing and disseminating opportunities to disadvantaged youth,” Amanda told Women’s Project. “My mother is an English teacher at a public school in the city center, and when I saw a reading section in the lives of students of the same race I realized how difficult it was. access to reading opportunities, a leadership conference, and an online blog at OPOP. ”

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