“When will you apologize? You’re a liar!”

George W. Bush met a former Iraqi soldier Mike Prysner, where he spoke at a ceremony in Beverly Hills over the weekend.

Prysner is currently a socialist activist and member of the Communist Party ANSWER. He started screaming without George joining them for the weekend.

Prysner interrupted Bush by shouting, “When will you apologize to the Iraqi people who died for lying? You lied about the weapons of mass destruction! You lied about connecting 9-11! You sent me to Iraq! You sent me to Iraq!”

There was a time when we could have protected George Bush from explosion. Not today. George Bush slammed Trump voters at the 20th 9-11 Memorial earlier this month.

ABOUT: BREAKING: Nevada Republican candidate for Lt. Governor Mack Miller Tortured by Security and Attacks Clark County Commissioner Meeting (KANEMA)

Enjoy the heckler, George.

Through The Storm Has Arrived:

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