What happens when your product is in the middle of a false positive

Friedman claims to have been forced to change the way he communicates with patients after receiving hydroxychloroquine treatment. “Now I have written my notes: ‘Hey, I want to start with this medicine. You may have heard about this covid, that it is used as a medicine but not, ‘he says. “It has a lot of unsatisfactory journalists. However, for skin diseases we have been using them for many years for a variety of purposes. ”

To understand how this disorder could be the future of ivermectin, I went to r / Rosacea, subreddit for advice on how to deal with the disease.

You are different in different ways

People with rosacea know ivermectin as an over-the-counter drug, but as a definite and effective treatment for some people with rosacea that cause acne. On the subreddit, one user was interrupted by a sudden curiosity, asking: “Why are ivermectin memes spreading everywhere right now? And how do many know this?”

For people on subreddit, ivermectin is a regular topic of discussion. There is a special cream called Soolantra that contains the drug, and a generic version was released this summer. But a small percentage of these users also know that the same drug was in horse porridge, because some people with rosacea also bought a Veterinarian form – mainly because they can’t get the oil or can’t afford the product.

This practice is common among people with rosacea, and dermatologists have raised concerns about testing prescription drugs that have been misdiagnosed or that have not been tested. However, says Feinstein, a person with rosacea who turns to porridge for valuable reasons lives in a variety of medical and ethical circuits from where people eat porridge to “cure” covid. For patients with rosacea who need ivermectin to treat the condition, Feinstein says, “unfortunately, the best treatment is the one that patients can receive.”

People who use Soolantra or a form of ivermectin on their head may, in the meantime, not experience a deficiency, says Feinstein. There are reports Farm products that are not available on horse porridge, however. In addition to other helpful information – and to tell the story, I spoke to one person who had to buy horse porridge from the UK to treat his male rats a few weeks ago – here’s another embarrassing review. How do you explain that you make it your own, but don’t like it that?

“Following the Light of Things”

Subreddit administrators already knew a lot of false information about ivermectin.

“We’ve seen crazy things, like people agreeing to wear olive collars or use pesticides on their faces.”

Ryan, administrator at the r / rosacea forum

People use the site, as do many online sites, to discuss and exchange information based on their experiences: for example, discussing face cleaners, asking how to prevent the cause of the damage, or sharing how their support is progressing over time. But they can also be and promote falsehoods, which supervisors need to review and remove.

While there are other Facebook groups that promote horse porridge for those with rosacea, the r / Rosacea subreddit does not promote or prevent discussions about its use. One guide told me the great risk is that people will self-diagnose with rosacea and choose to make their own DIY treatments that, even if they are made for humans, should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Not all rosacea are the same, however, but the reasons why ivermectin works in some are scientific discussions.

There is a link between rosacea and demodex mites, which live in the hair follicles on everyone’s face. Among people with rosacea of ​​all kinds, the mites are more common. But the real relationship isn’t obvious. “The question is a chicken or an egg,” says Friedman. Are people with rosacea the best place for demodex mites to live in extreme conditions, or “is it the growth that promotes rosacea?”

This uncertainty has led to scandals on the internet, said Ryan, a Reddit administrator who asked me to drop his last name.

“People are attracted to the idea that once they kill mites, their rosacea and their problems are over,” he said. “We’ve seen crazy things, like people agreeing to wear collars or face masks.”

Data removes with toxic springs

False online advertisers often use idle words, telling people to choose words that they know will produce results that will promote what they want to say. Great evil, as the false investigator Renee DiResta wrote earlier, the positive effects can come entirely from people who believe and promote a lot of false positives.

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