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Queen of the Met Gala finally appeared! Rihanna left us speechless in a large black dress that looks like a parka for the late 2021 event.

The biggest night of Fashion would not be without it Rihanna, and its form is one of the oldest books in existence. After everyone walked over to the Met Gala mat, Rihanna showed off her face. He unveiled his Met Gala look: a great black dress, Balenciaga and a black beanie with embellished jewelry. Speaking of gemstones, she wore more than 267 carats of BVLGARI Fine Jewelry and antique diamonds. Her soft and warm makeup and dark black lips made the Met Gala look pop. He walked on the mat with his girlfriend A $ AP Stone.

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Rihanna has been a more fashion at the Met Gala for many years. His first Met Gala was back in 2007. He wore a white Georges Chakra robe with a crystal neckline. The 2021 costume event will mark the eighth Met Gala with Rihanna and was the first since 2018.

One of the most popular Met Gala shows in 2015. Rihanna was filled with Guo Pei’s yellow dress and big train. All eyes were on Rihanna as she came out of the red carpet!

By Matt Baron / Shutterstock

He also removed the park in 2018 when he was a fellow chair of the Met Gala. Rihanna was a visionary in the pearl and a small jewel-clad dress, dress, and papal dress. Maison Margiela’s dress took the famous 250 hours sewing and 500 hours to make fabric.

Rihanna confirmed her participation in the annual Met Gala and made sure to remind everyone present not to make any further arrangements. “If you are planning a MET Ball after party ………… ..don’t do it, ”he posted a photo of the party invitation on his Instagram account.

For the past few months, the “Diamond” singer has been using a stunning style on the streets when he was with A $ AP Rocky. From him spraying bandana on top she is an adulteress little black dress on bowling day, Rihanna always kills with her appearance at night.

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