U.S. Secretary of State Mike Glover: “Thousands of Americans” Still Missing Inside Afghanistan

Mike Glover is a professional and works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help rescue American and American people in Afghanistan.

Mike says non-governmental organizations are doing more to save the affected Americans than Biden officials. Mike says the US is now relying on the Taliban and Al-Qanni to save the American people in this country.

The video on the following link explains the tragic story. There are reports that thousands of American and Afghan allies have left Afghanistan and several American warriors are doing everything in their power to rescue them. The man in the film, Mike Glover Retired Green Beret Sgt Major, was a former CIA officer. I met Mike after Benghazi and he played a key role in explaining the reality of how Obama left American citizens to Libya.

Please watch and list your Congress members who want to take action.

ABOUT: According to VAERS Website: There were 3,296 deaths of COVID Vaccine in the US Since July 24 – Or Average 70 Deaths Daily


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