Twitch accuses two ‘bandits’ linked to the harassment campaign

For the past month and a half, Twitch has been waging a war against the so-called “hate revolution.” These attacks see villains using a group of bots to disrupt the river’s flow with hate speech, and almost always target those who make it from non-existent areas. This week, Twitch adasuma suit against some of the perpetrators of violence.

The case comes after several Twitch streamers left the platform on September 1 against the company’s unlawful conduct. This suit, first seen by Wires, Mentions only two defendants: CruzzControl and CreatineOverdose. Twitch does not recognize the two men through their names but believes they are both from Europe.

In a complaint, Twitch claims that CruzzControl is responsible for about 3,000 bots that have taken action against hostilities against Black and LGBTQIA + community operators. In addition to promoting these methods with racist, gay and lesbian spam, the company says CruzzControl has demonstrated how bots work to get others to send them to the end. As for CreatineOverdose, the company is said to have linked them directly to a number of events, including one August 15 episode claiming to be a member of “KK K.”

“We hope that this complaint will also expose the perpetrators of the threats and the weapons they use, prevent them from comparing themselves with others, and help alleviate the horrific threats that are taking place in our area,” a Twitch spokeswoman told. Wires.

The company sells About the case is just one part of the response that is designed to hate eagles, and take action on the platform. “Our teams have been working day and night to upgrade our security systems, deal with new systems as they come out, and complete new security equipment, which we have been developing for several months,” a Twitch spokesman said.

While these lawsuits do not preclude hate attacks, some of those most affected by this are said to be the best option for the company. “I have hope” The crow, a river whose source is RekItRaven, was reported Wires. “People who cause this should be held accountable for their actions. They have threatened hundreds or thousands of people. When this happens in a real place we expect the same. They should not be different online. ”

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