“There was no Secret, Elections were not stolen. Biden Won.”

Maricopa County Governor Steve Chucri has announced his resignation from November 5.

Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Steve Chucri said the polls that led to the County Maricopa election were “bullsh * t”.

He too he said that their colleagues, Superintendents Bill Gates and Jack Sellers were simply afraid of being monitored because they had close competitions.

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We also mentioned that Chucri believes in the existence of “plenty“Election fraud, with dead voters and harvesting.

TRAINING: Maricopa District Administrator Steve Chucri at the 2020 Election in Capture Release: “I Think This Happened Through Dead People Voting. I THINK IT WAS SO MUCH – ENDING BALLOT” (AUDIO)

Chucri threw Supervisor Clint Hickman under the bus during their “bullsh * t” poll where they only counted 2% of the vote.

He He said that his biggest mistake is to believe Hickman that he can’t monitor more than 2% of the vote, and that Hickman “had no hope”.

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Now that we have revealed his claims in the background, which are not in line with his actions and statements, Steve Chucri has resigned.

It is hard to believe that I have been involved in politics in Arizona for 28 years. As soon as I started running for the Maricopa County Supervisor in 2012, I ran a campaign to bring development, talent and, most importantly, business ideas to the government to be the “Best Class”. We started well and won a lot. Good thing I’m going to be proud of that I’ve been dealing with.

Unfortunately, politics changed dramatically this year. Nature is poisoned – and the whole nature and decoration do not seem to have a place. Preparations and results for the 2020 election and its consequences have failed. In recent days it has become clear that I have been kept secret in the face of differences with some of my peers in the run-up to the 2020 elections. The comments I made were at a critical juncture. Colleagues have a right to be angry and upset with me. I don’t have to say this and apologize to my friends from the bottom of my heart.

I don’t want to exacerbate the problem that I chased a few years ago. Although I’ve been in contact with my friends, I know them to be good people, to be respectful and to have good manners. The image that other people are trying to paint a secret, the deception and other nonsense of my friends and I is a lie. There was nothing to hide, the elections were not stolen. Biden won.

While the comments were negative, it does not change the fact that I have been happy and honored to serve with good men and volunteers in Maricopa County. It has been my privilege to represent the districts of District 2 for 9 years. It is time for me to leave the district and allow County and my friends to qualify for the 4th largest and fastest region in the United States.

From November 5, 2021 I will resign.

He does not believe Joe Biden won. Chucri thinks it happened through dead people voting, and reaping voting.

Notice how he does not deny everything he says but covers himself with many lies.

In fact, Steve was tortured and silenced by his peers because they pressured him to look into the future, and he only wanted to be the Chairman of the board.

Why can we believe that he was not persecuted in this work?

They do not believe everything they say about their friends and we will reveal this in the future.

Arizona research reports will be released this week.

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Quitting is not enough. Steve needs to speak openly.

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