“There is only one Answer to the Depth and Evil that we saw at 9-11. It is God.” President Trump Shows Solution to All Our Problems

On September 11, President Trump urged Americans to pray for our country for the next 21 days.

Christian writer, speaker, and radio host, senior Eric Metaxas shared the video post on GAB.

Watch & Share !!! Sean Feucht & Che Ahn & DavidJHarrisJr & Pastor Rob McCoy & We called the world to #PAPER 21 days! God WILL REVEAL EVERYTHING & WE WILL HAVE a “new birth of freedom” and RESURRECTION in America! President Trump speaks for 36 minutes in & followed immediately. #yeshua youtube.com/watch?v=pRtFEb6Llxk

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At 41:00 President Trump said:

You do not know what God wants. You do not know where you are going and sometimes you do not know why. But He needs you, He needs me, He wants us all. Tonight Fr. Mike’s words remind us that there is only one true answer to the deep and far-reaching effects of sin on September 11. It is God. That was the answer that stood on top of the lava at Ground Zero as the rescuers made a strong metal cross from the broken Towers trees.

Metaxas followed the President and was very good. He summed up President Trump’s remarks:

The reason people love him is because he loves America. It’s that simple.

God Bless America.

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