The US is trying to calm French anger over Australia’s naval agreement

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Antony Blinken, US secretary of state, says France has remained a “key friend” in the Indo-Pacific region in a bid to quell the anger in Paris over the new US Military alliance and Australia and the UK.

The agreement was announced this week by Joe Biden, US President Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister, and Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, who are seen as an important part of strengthening their commitment to China’s security.

But the treaty met with negative consequences from France, which benefited her the ship and Australia’s relationship was shattered by these three factors.

French officials criticized the United States for “non-alignment” except for France at the treaty, which led to relations between Washington and Paris until the end of Biden’s presidency. U.S. officials only discussed the deal with their French counterparts this week, on the day it was announced.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Blinken sought to reduce France’s concerns that the recent alliance with Australia and the UK disrupted or denied France and its role as a Pacific power.

“We have a strong relationship with France on many of the things we share in the Indo-Pacific and around the world. We will continue to do so. We place our precious partnership on this partnership,” Blinken said.

He later added that “there is no point in dividing the Atlantic regions with our Pacific counterparts”, emphasizing America’s desire to “work with Nato, the EU and others on this project”.

“Especially France is a partner in this and many other issues, from previous generations,” the US ambassador added.

Blinken was on the sidelines of the meeting with Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, and his Australian counterparts. Austin said the agreement would strengthen what he called “integrated integration” in the region, in the fight against “the most controversial security in the Indo-Pacific”.

Austin commented on “what has caused China to disrupt the workforce and how Beijing is trying to coerce other countries, contrary to established laws and norms”, adding: “When we want good relations, mutual benefits and [China], we note that Beijing’s efforts to undermine international cooperation. ”

Earlier Thursday, Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign Minister, case Australia, The UK and the US of the two standards and the “old notion of the Cold War”.

France’s outrage at the summit underscores the difficulty of the U.S. involving all Western organizations around China’s bold approach to security services, even though other EU countries have less money and are not aware of the new treaty.

France’s outrage was so evident that it reduced the 240th anniversary celebrations of Cape War, a series of American reforms, including a ban on dinner at the French embassy in Washington.

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