The Senate Has A New Voting Bill Supported By Every Democrat

Senate Democrats are about to release a new voting law bill backed by every Democrat.

NBC News reports:

The Senate Democrats are close to a reformed voting law that can be supported by all 50 Democrats, three Democratic supporters who are familiar with the negotiations tell NBC.

… ..

Negotiations on the site are over, says another source, but workers are currently reading legal documents to resolve any issues. Not much is yet to be shared.

I Don’t Get 60 Votes, But To Get The Bill Democrats Can Go On Their Own.

Democrats are looking for a free voting bill that they can pass by 50 votes, whether it is through reconciliation or filming. The fact that Democrats have a bill and not a personal opinion is a major factor in protecting the right to vote.

Democrats of the Senate should find out that each member of their party has the same amount of money, and then be able to figure out how to get to the Senate with 50 votes including Vice President Harris.

The law on voting rights will change the way elections are conducted.

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