The remaining 2021 Disney movies will begin airing at the theater

Don’t expect to advertise the next Disney movies at home as soon as they are available. About reports Disney has it revealed that all of its remaining 2021 videos will begin airing in theaters, including animated animations Ron Has Done Wrong (August 22nd), Marvel blockbuster Eternal (November 5th) is a new version of West Side Story (December 10th).

Outside the music industry Beautiful (November 24), which has a 30-day window, all movies will be played 45 days “at least” before arriving elsewhere. Disney has not said when to expect the colors they want, whether it is Disney + or conflicting functions.

This is probably the case with a powerful demonstration of just as fun as summer Free Boy and Shang-Chi. While COVID-19 still hurts office numbers (Shang-ChiThe US $ 75.5 million release (compared to several Disney 2019 releases), the money was probably enough to secure a return to pre-distribution.

There is also the matter of forming important groups. Disney said it has a way give talent in a fair way for mixing with digital theater, but it wouldn’t surprise as much as Scarlett Johansson Black Widow case contributes to Disney + analysis. The company does not want to put at risk the actors and others whose income depends on the show. And then there is the showroom itself. When chains like AMC swore pull Universal animation even if many venues are closed, Disney will not be ready to start a similar dispute when the theater resumes business.

These are Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. ‘2022 returns to exhibition space supports many magical expectations – that the studios only see one-day advertising as a temporary need that could end when it was safe to watch on a large screen. This should come as no surprise when the video business is still related to the theater, but any change in attitude is unlikely to last long.

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