The Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Europe has now been completed, Gazprom says

Electronic changes in the EU

Russia is close to exporting more gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline after Gazprom announced it would complete the difficult task.

The $ 11bn pipeline across the Baltic Sea allows Gazprom to ship 55bn kilograms of gas to Europe annually, via Ukraine. The plan came as a shock to Kyiv, who could have lost billions of dollars in fuel costs, while US sanctions have delayed construction.

Opponents have also expressed concern that the pipelines have made Europe more dependent on Russian gas, which is more than a third of its demand.

Gazprom said in words that “construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is complete” The pipelines still have to continue to test for technology and certification, which usually takes several months, according to industry experts.

Gazprom declined to comment on the timing of the first air strike. Last week, Alexei Miller chief executive said Gazprom could send air through a pipeline “at the end of the year and at the summer”.

Dmitry Peskov, Presidential Spokesman Vladimir Putin, told reporters that “everyone” was interested in verifying the pipeline “quickly”. Peskov added that the Kremlin does not know when the aid will start when the “residue” is finalized.

Together with neighboring Poland, Ukraine has pledged to oppose the NS2 pipeline in compliance with EU market rules, which require separation, transportation and logistics. Such problems can force Gazprom to “release” the pipeline, and lose the control role of the project.

“We hope that… When we give important reasons in Berlin and Brussels, that NS2 AG should not be certified as an NS2 user. [pipeline] “Yuriy Vitrenko, chief executive of the Ukrainian gas company in Naftogaz, told the Financial Times.

The US strongly opposed NS2 but came up with negotiation last July it was Germany that forced Berlin to establish Russia if it could use the pipeline as tool against Ukraine or its allies.

Kyiv said the agreement, which was followed by Biden officials promotion Penalties at Nord Stream 2 AG, Gazprom bomber manager, provide there is no concrete guarantee on security or in the future Russian air flows through Ukraine.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel He said on his recent trip to Kyiv, after a visit to Moscow, that Germany would not allow Russia to establish a gas pipeline.

Mitch Jennings, a Moscow researcher at Sova Capital, said: “We understand that the sanctions in the US [National Defense Authorization Act] he was blocking a pipe out of identification, which we think could cause problems at its origin. ”

However, this will not be difficult because Gazprom has been leading the way 5.6bn cm by exporting via Nord Stream 2 later this year, as the EU sometimes allows pipelines to operate if negotiations take place, Jennings said.

Russia has recently been criticized for this shortness of breath going ashore in Europe than in previous years, storage areas were less than in the winter months.

Prices for natural oil in the UK and continents in Europe have risen in recent weeks to record rates due to global market turmoil, with observers warning that there may be a need for other energy-intensive industries not to stop production if there is cold in the north-winter.

Gazprom has said it has met all of its votes but there is a serious debate in the oil market over its consideration this year, especially for its traditional customers. The company has increased exports through Turkey in 2021 and has been a major supporter of Asia in recent years.

Additional reports by Max Seddon in Moscow and Guy Chazan in Berlin

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