The Giants’ Joe Judge has described a difficult decision against a non-league game

Giant’s first mistake of the year was costly.

In the third quarter of the New York-Denver Matchup Week 1, Giants head coach Joe Judge threw a flag at Albert Okwuegbunam, believing the Broncos’ demise could be out of the fray before scoring.

The problem is this: All scoring games are reviewed, meaning that the Okwuegbunam TD has already been monitored and restored and verified by the control team. Throwing a difficult flag at an undisclosed game made the Giants time, and the big mistake of the New York head coach was magnified.

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The judge explained his decision to fly the protest flag after the loss:

It’s all up to me. I know you can’t criticize a game that scores. This was a little frustrating. I’d like some feedback from the authorities. It seemed to me at Jumbotron, and I received a comment from heaven and saw a replay, that he might have stepped on white. I was screaming at the officials. We need to get feedback from what he is feeling in New York [headquarters]. I had to do something to attract them. I couldn’t get them to convert. So, I threw the flag.

I take all their ownership. I told the team that it was something I could no longer do to waste time. This was something at the time, to be honest with you, I needed someone’s attention to make sure they were looking at the same thing we were looking at.

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Although the Judge did not know whether calling the people to the field was appropriate, the drama itself was not disputed, as Okwuegbunam was at the border on the way to the pylon.

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The Giants lose a chance to open the scoring 27-13, but the show did not dictate how they fought in the second half: Daniel Jones rushed to face a time that could have added six in the final.

Take the error of the judge to the Judge, but the giants will not be able to make this mistake in the most important year for the organization.

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