The Buccaneers benefit from Chris Godwin’s incredible OPI singing during a car victory against the Cowboys

It cannot be the NFL without controversy with the authorities.

The Buccaneers opened the 2021 NFL season and won 31-31 at home to the Cowboys on Thursday night thanks to a Ryan Succop field goal with two seconds left. The kick pushed Tom Brady and Tampa Bay 1-0 in the season and ruined the return of Dallas QB Dak Prescott to the field.

But, as usual, the results were not dramatized. As the Bucs led the way, the likes of Chris Godwin and Dallas behind Jourdan Lewis raised their eyebrows and left fans and experts questioning why Godwin was not named for disturbing the recipients.

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Although the slow-moving repetition tends to reveal more than what happened at the pace of the game, it seems as if Godwin stretched out his hand and pushed to separate, which is very important for OPI. Alas, no flag was raised.

It would be understandable that Lewis had been confused and misbehaving in writing for Godwin, but that doesn’t give Godwin a chance on the show.

They weren’t the first non-singing who tortured the Cowboys in a game. In the first half, Bavs linebacker Lavonte David took off his hat and slammed it into the grass after a miscarriage. David had to pay a fine of 15 yards for disrespect. Instead, officials appear to have been blinded for a while, and no flag was thrown. It was no secret that David took off his hat.

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In any case, Godwin’s 24-yard-run set up Succop’s forward goal and made the first mistake with Godwin near the goal line that led to the Cowboys’ goal of the lead at the end of the fourth quarter.

Here are the first of the major cultural events in 2021. The NFL is back.

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