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The new Taliban-led government must fulfill its commitment to provide opportunities for those seeking to leave Afghanistan, said United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Speaking from Germany on Wednesday at a special summit of foreign ministers in the United States, Blinken outlined three “key objectives” of the US policy towards Afghanistan following this. completed the departure of American troops from the country.

Allowing the departure of those who want to leave, “preventing terrorist groups from using Afghanistan as a base”, and ensuring that humanitarian aid runs smoothly on Biden’s control, Blinken said.

“We must arrest the Taliban, including the recently announced government of every Afghan government, for their commitment to allowing foreign nationals, visas, and Afghan people to go abroad if they wish,” he said.

“The Taliban have repeatedly said that Afghans who would like to travel and have the necessary documents can do so.”

He also urged the Taliban to allow the departure of planes to deport American and Afghan citizens who are at risk from Afghanistan. the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. According to reports, hundreds of people have been waiting for permission to leave the airport there for several days.

Scott Cooper, a non-Atlantic Council official and former U.S. soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said getting people who want to leave Afghanistan should be the most difficult of the three goals of the regulators.

“What strikes me is that these goals are small,” Cooper told Al Jazeera. “If you look at any of the statements made by former Secretary Blinken or those living in Afghanistan, this is very different from what we say from the end of 2001 onwards.”

Criticism of the new government

Washington expressed skepticism about A small government led by the Taliban announced Tuesday. The reform council is led by leaders from the group, including Sirajuddin Haqqani, a US “terrorist terrorist” who has been appointed interior minister.

Earlier Thursday, Blinken said Washington was opposed to Afghanistan’s new government but said the US would continue to cooperate with the Taliban.

“It does not meet the inclusion criteria, and it also includes people with a very difficult history,” he said of the new government. “Engagement with the Taliban – and with the government temporarily or temporarily – will be done in the interests of the country, in the interests of our people, in the interests of our fellow citizens.”

Blinken added that Washington would connect with the Taliban in ways that are “fully in line” with US law.

At a press conference with Blinken in Ramstein, a US plane west of Frankfurt receiving thousands of refugees from Afghanistan, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also protested the new government of Afghanistan.

“Together with our colleagues, we call for the necessary freedoms, especially for women, to be protected. Similarly, the news that came to us from Afghanistan yesterday does not give us hope,” Maas said on Wednesday.

“A transitional government that does not include other parties is not a sign of international unity in this country.”

Blinken later said that the Taliban could only gain recognition through a coalition government that met the expectations of foreign countries, including respect for human rights, access to human rights and “not allowing Afghanistan to hold terrorists”.

The Biden government has been criticized by both US Democratic and Republican lawmakers for its alliance with the Taliban. However, Cooper said Biden’s management was eligible to join the team.

“You have to talk to the people you have to talk to,” he said. “As a result, there is no recognition of the Taliban as an Afghan government, but it would be against us not to talk to them and agree with them.”

Blinken is completing his first foreign tour since the US graduation the departure of the unrest in Afghanistan within the occupation of the Taliban.

Earlier this week, visited Qatar where he met with officials, including the emir of the Gulf government, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

At a meeting with Emir on Monday, Blinken thanked Qatar for “special assistance in helping to improve the lives of US citizens, our friends, and other vulnerable Afghan people”, the State Department said earlier this week.

He also thanked Wednesday for his Washington colleagues for their help during the rescue operation in Kabul last month.

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