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The differences between the two powerful leaders in Somalia are widening after they have named various men to lead the spy service.

Somalia’s two most powerful leaders were jailed on Wednesday for naming various men to lead the Horn of Africa legislature.

The clashes between President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, who are said to be investigating the killings, show months of tensions between them in a country already plagued by threats and family strife.

It started on Monday when Roble suspended Fahad Yasin, director of the National Intelligence Service Agency (NISA), for failing to report a case of one of his missing in June.

Roble nominated another man, Bashir Mohamed Jama, as NISA’s longtime head of state.

The president said Roble’s move was unconstitutional and, on Tuesday, called a third party, Yasin Abdullahi Mohamed, to head the commission.

Roble and Mohamed had a falling out in April when the President agreed to extend his four-year and two-year term, which prompted obedient forces to host competitions in the capital Mogadishu.

These problems were solved when the President appointed Roble to oversee security and prepare for the late parliamentary and presidential elections. This is due to happen next month but a few days ago it was pushed back.

In his concluding remarks on Tuesday, the President also named Yasin, Roble’s father, who had been fired, as their security adviser.

Roble accused Mohamed of “obstructing the investigation into the case of Ikran Tahlil Farah”, referring to the missing agent working for the cyber security department.

Tahlil, a 25-year-old NISA man, was arrested near his home in Mogadishu in June, and last week employers realized he had been arrested and killed by al-Shabab militants.

The military immediately – and surprisingly – refused when the Tahlil family accused NISA of killing him – a popular sentiment supported by many Somalis who took part in television to criticize the organization and demand justice.

The council did not comment on the couple’s whereabouts.

‘Quickly Ending’

Meanwhile, the United Nations, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), the United States, the European Union, and the East African bloc IGAD have urged the country’s leaders to resolve their dispute urgently.

“We urge the Somali leaders to resolve the political crisis in the investigation, in particular, to avoid any potential sources of violence,” he said in a statement issued by the United Nations General Assembly in Somalia on Tuesday.

“Ife… [call] to resolve the dispute expeditiously, including a thorough investigation into Ikran’s disappearance and the immediate conclusion of the elections. ”

Somalia’s parliamentary elections are set to begin between October 1 and November 25 following a month-long delay.

The general election follows a straightforward process in which legislators and their representatives elect members of parliament, who also elect a president.

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