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Bromance is alive with these two! Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper were spotted taking part in the final of the US Open men on September 12 and looking more attractive than ever.

The program of 2021 US Open it was a star-filled story. Good friends Brad Pitt, 57, and Bradley Cooper, 46, decided to have a boys’ day at the US Open in New York City on September 12. Brad and Bradley were sitting close to watching Serbia Novak Djokovic and Russia Daniil Medvedev play in the men’s final.

Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper at the 2021 US Open. (John Minchillo / AP / Shutterstock)

All the actors kept the nonsense for the US to come out. Brad wore a bucket hat, a blue shirt, and gray pants. He maintained his form on most games. He had his cloud mask hanging over his ear. Bradley wore a bright blue shirt and dark blue pants.

Brad and Bradley have been dating for years. The program of Old Time In Hollywood The star credits Bradley for helping him stay mentally fit. After Brad received an award from Bradley at the National Board of Review gala in January 2020, he thanked Brad for his support.

“Thank you, Bradley. Bradley just slept with his daughter and rushed to do this, “Brad said, according to Birds. “I kept myself safe because of this guy and every day I’ve been happier from now on.” He added, “She is so dear… I love you and thank you.”

Brad is currently in the midst of a vicious war on custody of an older child Angelina Jolie. In early September, Brad appealed to the Supreme Court of California a review of the California Court of Appeals ruling that allowed a secret judge whom he and Angie chose years ago. The judge was fired after Brad they were given the right to live together of their 5 young children.

Brad Pitt Bradley Cooper
Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper were close-knit tennis players. (Ella Ling / Shutterstock)

Brad’s lawyer Theodore J. Boutrous Jr. of GIBSON DUNN was informed HollywoodLife, that the interim judge, who was “appointed and re-appointed by both parties, was unfairly dismissed after giving a general verdict, following a lengthy process consisting of several witnesses and experts.” Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. it can cause problems for children and families involved in this case, as well as for other families in some cases, by increasing the length of time to resolve the dispute in the existing court system. The decision of the lower court is not good for the children and is not good for the high courts in California. ”

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