Rover experiments show that Mars had water for a long time

The Pillar of Endurance early stone models from Mars it is already giving insight. The first of NASA’s researchers analysis of the examples show that water existed at Jesus Crater “for a long time” – think thousands of years or millions of years. This, in turn, suggests that Mars’ waters were stable enough to accommodate the smallest living things.

The missionary team also discovered a valuable mineral that could be extracted when water flowed through a rock. The salt may not only absorb some of Mars’ old water bags, but it may also preserve life.

The two examples are currently derived from only one rock. It will take us a long time to understand the mysteries of Mars. Endurance will not follow the example of other places, South Séitah, until after a week of rest when all the world’s missions go to a “safe” land until the end of the solar connection with Mars. Breathing should work for everyone as early as October. The models will not return to the world until future missions have collected examples of the remaining Effort.

Nonetheless, preliminary information is a good representation of the work of the Effort – the team has already found useful information about the history of Mars. These and other findings will not only change the understanding of humanity in the world, but also establish guidelines forward direction to Mars.

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